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Cost vs Price (Posted 3/10/11)

Marginality (Posted 4/8/11)

Utility (Posted 6/10/11)

How are 'prices' determined? (Posted 8/26/11)

Corporate Taxes (Posted 10/13/11)

Income Taxes (Posted 10/27/11)

Capital Gains Taxes (Posted 11/24/11)

Stock Markets and IPOs (Posted 7/13/12)

Economic Profit vs Accounting Profit (Posted 8/10/12)

Gold Prices (Posted 8/24/12)

TED Talk - Eleni Gabre-Madhin (Posted 9/14/12)

Public transportation: always going uphill? (Posted 10/11/12)

Asymmetric Information (Posted 11/8/12)

Earnings Gap Between Sexes (Posted 12/13/12)

Bitcoin (Posted 4/11/13)

Richard Thaler and "Nudging" (Posted 5/22/13)

A right to "income"? What do you think?  (Posted 6/14/13)

Liquidity (Posted 7/12/13)

Upstate NY Public School Spending (Posted 7/26/13)

 Obamacare's "Individual Mandate": Part 1 - What is it? (Posted 8/9/13)

Obamacare's 'Individual Mandate': Part 2 - What's the economic rationale? (Posted 8/23/13)

Why Are American Health Care Costs So High? (video by John Green) (9/27/13)

Healthcare exchanges (onlne marketplaces) (10/13/13) 

Shopping for insurance online - a quick guide (10/28/13) 

"Highest" Grossing Films (12/8/13) 

The "Made In" Problem (4/21/14)

The economics of a honeycomb (5/27/14)