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A welcome for the Economystified out there

        We are surrounded by economics.  From the price of milk at the corner store to international trade wars, economics is an incredibly powerful force that shapes the course of human events.  Economics influences individuals, nations or whole worlds, sometimes without anyone ever noticing its presence.

        Lucky for us, economics is not difficult to understand...but it can be involved.  And in an era where things that can’t be said in 15 seconds tend to be left unsaid, popular economic explanation has come to inhabit a realm of hand waving and “you-get-the-gist” mumblings.

       On this blog, I present economic news, theories and ideas, in the most accessible, intuitive way I can.  My goal is to show econ knowledge is interesting and useful, and applicable to your daily life.  Being better aware of economics and how it works will make the world around you feel just that little bit more engaging.

       This is everyday economics for us everymen.  This is the place for you if you’ve been feeling Economystified.

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